Mission & Vision

Building on expertise and collaboration, the CEYMH will act as a nexus to catalyze change in youth mental health in Canada and beyond.

All young people deserve to transition into adulthood with optimal mental health. While 1-in-5 young people have a mental disorder, less than 30% seek help, and many, especially the most vulnerable and underserved, do not receive adequate levels of care.


The Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health (CEYMH) is founded on four strategic principles:


  • Multi-disciplinary and multi-method research
  • Innovation in mental health service delivery
  • Training healthcare professionals, scientists, and experts by lived experience
  • Advocacy and health & social policy

These principles guide the CEYMH’s mission to create new models for mental health care delivery, improve access to care, and disseminate cutting-edge knowledge in youth mental health. Its key strategy involves integrating new impactful initiatives with important partners in care delivery. 


By developing services that go beyond specific research goals, the CEYMH will cater to those who need secondary or tertiary care through empirically-informed early interventions.


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