Research Assistant – BLOOM Research Program (expiry December 15, 2023)

We are seeking highly motivated individuals (4) to join our dynamic team at the Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health (CEYMH), located at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute. We have initiated a large, multi-level cohort called Behavioural & Longitudinal Outcomes on youth development to Optimize Mental health trajectories (BLOOM) of help-seeking and non-help-seeing youth and their family members who are facing adversity and we will follow them for 5-10 years. The aim of the program is to better assess and prevent the onset of mental health issues in youth by understanding antecedents and optimizing service trajectories, among others. This is a transformative project that will enable us to develop evidence-based preventive approaches, and to integrate mental health support across different levels of healthcare. The Research Assistants will work across institutions, with a primary base at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, a highly specialized and research-intensive teaching institution, and its affiliate clinics in and around the neighbourhood. 

Start date: Early February 2024