L’espoir des autres

The hope of others Originally written in French. The guest professor at the Université de Montréal’s 2013 Political Science Summer School and I shared a common experience in our early twenties that would leave a lasting impression. We had respectively fallen deep into of American politics as we witnessed the meteoric rise of a charismatic […]

The story of a casino

The story of a casino Twenty-five years ago, there were two groups of children. Some were poor, others were not.They all lived in a rural region, and their families agreed to talk every year to a team of researchers, for eight years in a row. The researchers meticulously recorded the mental health of these children. […]

I will continue

I will continue! CEGEP students in Quebec are youth in a relay station between the secondary school system and university. The so-called ‘nerds’ among them (as I once was) experience heightened pressure as they compete for top professional programs. This can be really stressful.   Dawson College, Quebec’s first English-language CEGEP, offers weekly science seminars […]

Laissons les enfants rêver

Let the children dream Originally written in French. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a child with problems. Thirty years ago, it was difficult for parents like mine to accept that I could benefit from psychological help. In the end, I had to fend for myself. Today, I’m learning from the environment […]

What social neuroscience reveals about schizophrenia

What social neuroscience reveals about schizophrenia CEYMH team member and Ph.D. student from McGill University, Emmanuel Olarewaju, recently had the pleasure of participating in an enlightening interview with Sarah An Myers from Psychology Today, a popular media online magazine focused on psychology and human behaviour. The discussion centred on the invaluable contributions social neuroscience can […]

Exploring the Potential of Neuromodulation

Exploring the Potential of Neuromodulation In this captivating testimonial video, a dedicated case manager from the Douglas Hospital’s outpatient clinic L’Étape, shares a heartwarming success story of a patient living with schizophrenia, highlighting the typically daunting negative symptoms. Experience the awe-inspiring change as she discusses the profound influence of neuromodulation treatment on her client’s well-being, […]

BLOOM and its Youth Partners

BLOOM and its Youth Partners  I was recently invited to join the youth council of the Center of Excellence in Youth Mental Health. As a youth partner, last month I attended a meeting regarding one of the CEYMH’s projects called BLOOM, an acronym for the following phrase: Behavioural development, Long term Outcomes and Opportunities to […]

Faire l’histoire

Making History Originally written in French. In a book that has just been published, two reformers of the American justice system make the case for “gradualism”, an approach to public policy that supports more modest policies deployed in stages to bring about significant changes in society. Can we afford the gradualist approach to mental health […]

RBC Foundation funds the CEYMH Family-Positioning System

RBC Foundation funds the CEYMH Family-Positioning System The Douglas Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health recently received a major investment from the RBC Foundation to create a family intervention program for young patients. This new collaboration will improve the quality and frequency of engagement with families and the support network of youth who seek help on […]

Introducing the CEYMH Experiential Science Talks

Introducing the CEYMH Experiential Science Talks At the CEYMH, we are hosting a series of talks inviting people to talk about their first-hand experience with mental illness. These talks are meant to provide an alternate perspective to diagnosis and treatment and allow for the open discussion on possible future research directions, different approaches to mental […]